Update on 2020 ALS

Update on 2020 ALS

First of all, a big thank you to everybody who donated to this fantastic cause which allowed Mat to raise $1,650 for ALS.

As promised, Mat completed the walk first and took a couple of snaps while doing it. The walk was completed on May 22 on what you can see was a glorious sunny day. The view was fantastic and not quite as busy as he was used to when performing the Walk to End ALS. On June 21 Mat completed the 300 pushups within the 1 hour that he set for himself. In fact, as Mat got closer to the end and felt confident in his ability to complete the challenge for the first time, he managed to speed up so he had a whole 4 minutes to spare. A big success as a result of all the support so thanks again.

Great job Mat!

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