When it comes to non-profits and charities, there are many rules and complexities. We improve your understanding of your organization’s accounting records and ensure compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We can assist with completing your Corporate Tax and Registered Charity Information Returns, and other duties including the preparation of your HST and rebate applications, bookkeeping duties and other statutory requirements that you may have under Bill C-4.


  • Better understand non-profit rules, requirements, and regulations.
  • Correct and prevent potential financial issues.
  • Get trusted advice and guidance to address your comprehensive needs.
  • Fulfill fiduciary duty to safeguard assets and refine collection policies.

Non-profit Services


Unlike personal and business taxes, non-profits have different, and often confusing, filing requirements. From particular forms to eligible deductions, we fully manage the intricacies of non-profit tax preparation and filing. We ensure your organization is compliant with your expectations and responsibilities as a non-profit and find ways to prevent being hit with any penalties.

Financial Statements & Audits

With many conduits for revenue and expenses, non-profit organizations have an extensive collection of data to manage. To ensure the finance records are organized come tax season, we provide monthly or quarterly financial statements. If your organization is ever required to submit an audit, our firm will have the extensive knowledge of your finances to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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