Financial Statements

Highly valued by your stakeholders, financial statements contain the big picture, creating a starting point for all financial insights and discussions. Our comprehensive statements provide insights into your revenues and expenses, while giving you a better understanding of your finances to help increase your net income.


  • Learn how your business is performing financially.
  • Run your business more efficiently.
  • Provide peace-of-mind to your stakeholders.
  • File accurate returns through diligent preparations.
  • Discuss and work towards meeting your financial goals.

Types of Financial Statements

Notice to Reader

With a Notice to Reader statement, our accountants provide a detailed and reliable account of your balance sheet and profit and loss statement, far beyond most bookkeepers capabilities. These financial statements highlight tax planning opportunities and areas of improvement, allowing you to plan and budget for the upcoming year.

Review Engagements

Typically needed for bank, bonding insurance, or statutory requirements, Review Engagements provide a lower level of assurance than an audit. We determine the plausibility of your financial statements through analytical procedures and discussions. Once plausibility is established, a Review Engagement Report is issued with the financial statements. Review Engagements provide more assurance to your investors and shareholders than a basic financial statement.

Audit Engagements

Audit Engagements provide the highest level of assurance that your financial statements are free from a material misstatement. Audits are typically completed in order to fulfill lending or statutory requirements. We have an experienced audit team with well established policies and quality control systems that not only meets the professional standards, but ultimately create an efficient and meaningful audit. Throughout the entire process, we communicate with management and endeavour to add value wherever possible.

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