Auditing can be a time-consuming process. Our audit services address the challenges of managing risk, while fulfilling your responsibility to obtain an audit report. We work closely with you to create a practical process and timeline to maximize efficiency.


  • Reduce disruptions and time commitments.
  • Ensure your compliance needs are being met.
  • Spend one-on-one time with our partners and managers.
  • Directly engage and interact with your audit committee and finance department.
  • Apply valuable, expert advice.

Types of Audits

Annual Audit

There are various types of audits which you may need, the most common being an annual audit. We provide these services for both for profit and non-profit companies. Since no audit is exactly the same, we meet with you to understand your organization and then plan our audit work to your specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Audit

Our Compliance Audits provide assurance that you adhered to the terms and conditions of a contract. Depending on whether you are a public or private organization, the type of data to be examined will change.

Special Purpose Audit

If you feel that you are in need of a special purpose audit, we will meet with you to discuss the exact nature of the request and devise a strategy with you to provide the assurance you require.

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